Beacon Roadways


West Midlands ugly freight specialists

We are a specialist ugly freight haulage company based in the West Midlands. We have over 30 years’ experience in transporting obscure loads as well as palletised freight.

The flexibility of full and part loads

We understand that sometimes you won’t have a full load to transport. That’s why we’re happy to collect part loads as well as full consignments.

The reassurance of no hubs or “piggybacking”

All freight, whether ugly freight or not, requires specialist handling. That’s why Beacon Roadways guarantees to transport your goods from collection point to delivery point. We don’t use hubs and we never “piggyback” loads.

A member of the Beacon Roadways team preparing a loadA weekly Scottish delivery service

We send lorries to Scotland every week, delivering to all parts of the Scottish mainland. Even on these trips, we never piggyback your freight.

Experienced, smart and friendly drivers

All our drivers are experts in handling freight, especially ugly freight, with care. They are all trained in manual handling. As part of their training, they are accompanied on the road by external assessors who offer feedback on their performance to ensure our service remains consistently high. 

Our drivers are also customer service experts. They are equipped with mobile phones so will phone ahead to confirm progress and advise you of any potential delays. When they are on site you will be able to identify them by their smart Beacon apparel and the appropriate personal protective equipment they always wear. They will offer as much help unloading freight as they can.

Our satellite tracking systemA modern, technologically advanced vehicle fleet

We believe in investing in the latest technology because it reduces our overheads – and your costs. Our fleet of twenty lorries, which is based at our West Midlands headquarters, is made up of 3.5 tonne, 7.5 tonne and 18 tonne curtain-sided vehicles. All are fitted with tail lifts, tracking systems and satellite navigation. To find out more about our vehicles, visit Fleet.

All-in-all, a West Midlands haulage service that’s second to none

Several of our clients have been using Beacon Roadways as their ugly freight transport company for over 15 years. We think this is a testament to the quality of our haulage service. If you have ugly freight or palletised loads that need transporting and would like to find out more about what we have to offer, please get in touch.